Addis Is Not Decaf

The one thing hard to live without is the gift that Ethiopia gave to the world: good coffee. In Addis and throughout the country you can sip freshly roasted and brewed coffee just about anywhere, any time of the day. From temporary coffee tents to old Italian espresso machines to local coffee chains and trademarks to fancy venues with the latest innovations, there is something for all tastes. Coffee culture is thriving with probably millions of cups brewed daily.

Raw coffee might still be the biggest export of the country but a good sign is that coffee beans are increasingly finding their way to both local and international market also in processed form, roasted and packed and thus keeping a bigger profit in the country. 

If there is one thing I would really like to export from Ethiopia to Senegal – or anywhere – it’s that ease with which you can spot a venue and sit down, not for a bitter nescafé or chemical nespresso but for a genuinely good coffee!

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