Afropolis Addis Ndar_2
Afropolis © Jarmo Pikkujämsä

I am a researcher and a documentary film maker coordinating art projects at WAAW Centre for Art & Design and at times also in mobile residencies in Mauritania. During summers I volunteer in the planning and running of the AiR program at Kristinestad Artists’ Residency.

With a background in African literature, I am just as much interested in cultural expressions and forms of inscription beyond text. I am currently working on the dynamics of African cities and their various sociocultural manifestations. That takes form in a series of documentaries on urban space and city dwellers who witness the ongoing transformations in their surroundings.

For a quick glance on my most recent photography, you can visit my portfolio on Ello.

From 2020 onward I am primarily writing and shooting short films in which my favorite topics of motion and pace and the actual process of film making – whether analogue or digital, or both – are present.