Portfolio: Deep

This is a selection of my favorite shots from my first ever underwater series called Deep. They were all made in 2018 and I am now moving on towards more abstract and night photography as well as simply shoot movement, my all time favorite topic, under water. This coming summer I plan to set up a shooting in a pool or at sea for just anybody who might be interested. You are all invited to have your portrait made!

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Deep II

Deep November for blog
Deep II – 2018  © Jarmo Pikkujämsä

I’m going deep again for a new series of underwater photography. The last time it was all about portraiture, and in this second series I aim to catch movement. I am fascinated by the amount of variables when it comes to light under water and looking at movement in water just adds to the excitement. On top of free-diving, another fun part in underwater photography is that you get crazy colors without post-editing!

I have a confession to make well before the approaching New year’s resolutions: I appear to have become more buoyant since the last underwater shootings. It’s really hard work to stay underwater without a weight belt. In the past I did not pay so much attention to this, or I used various improvised methods such as attaching a weight around my toe with a string.

My friends are using water rescue training manikins to train lifeguard skills in water. When they train to become lifeguards, they are expected to pass a test in which they need to hold the manikin above the water for three minutes. It actually sounds easier than what it is. They thought it would be a good idea to let the manikin make me sink in the bottom of the pool. The idea was that I would wrap my legs around it (him? Does this thing have a nick name?) and as it weights 60 kg when filled with water, I would be able to remain under the surface easily. But no! The moment I would try to stay still and concentrate on my camera, I would start a slow but steady travel back on the surface of the water with the manikin between my legs. My friends could not believe it!

I guess the only solution to this buoyancy problem is to go back to my good old habit of swimming more often and longer and yes, loose some body fat! And maybe buy that belt too.

Version 2
Going down with Rescue Anne’s diving brother  © Jarmo Pikkujämsä