Rue Blaise Diagne

For a couple of weeks my home street has been going through some serious sewage works that started from the main mosque in the north and has been approaching our house ever since. For a few days they have now rumbled the earth right in front of the house and left a terribly noisy water pump to run through the night. Goodbye quiet nights of curfew!

I felt extra confined today for a short moment when I could not walk out of the house because of mountains of sand that had been piled up along the front of the house. But that was only a good sign. It meant that the loose earth was soon going to cover everything that had been opened up earlier, and then the works would move on in the street towards south, away from the house! When that work was done, the guys had a lunch typically in the Senegalese way on the spot. No fuzz!






Home residency

Naamio_2 copy

Yesterday two things happened that made me very cheerful. The first one was the news that I had been selected to take part in the Kone Foundation Home Residency. It’s a fantastic opportunity to network and communicate with other artists and share your work-in-progress with them in these difficult times. This piece of news gave me a real boost to keep on working on Afropolis – my long term project on African urban space – in whatever way is possible right now. According to the original plan I was going to shoot video in crammed buses and other public transport, and later on travel again to Diamniadio in Dakar and to Nouakchott and film in some of its suburbs. In these exceptional circumstances I will now focus on interviews either from distance or on the spot here in Saint-Louis, whenever it’s possible. This is also a chance to  experience another form of residency that operates on social platforms – I’m thrilled!

The other good news was that a friend of mine knocked on the door and brought me two very fancy pairs of face masks! Now I have some extra pairs and I don’t need to wash that one mask all the time.

To spice up your day with some Senegalese ambience, here is a short clip that shows how the local mayor Mr. Mansour Faye distributes face masks in a local market. Social distancing is not included.