Image transfers

Geej – Transfer on wood
Nappkat – Transfer on wood

Rubbing paper off a porous surface with finger tips and slowly revealing the image is fun, and I love the result especially with photographs on water and reflections.

Underwater photography

MD Crawl_site
MD Crawl

I am convinced that this is one of the art forms in which I really want to develop myself more. These example photographs are from my first series called DEEP.


A shoe at the seashore

I keep fit by developing this kind of photographs in the sun on the rooftop that can be reached only by a steep and high ladder. Up and down according to exposure times!


W o r k  i n  p r o g r e s s

Songu Daan Koo – A black & white photo essay on expressions of movement.

Guet Ndaru Mol – Organic photography & portraits. A photo essay on artisanal fishing in Guet Ndar where the traditional lifestyle is threatened by rising sea levels and industrial overfishing.

C u r r e n t  c o l l a b o r a t i o n s 

Waxande – stories from the river a photography book with stories told by Idrissa Diop. Editions in Wolof, English, French and Finnish.

R e c e n t   e x h i b i t i o n s

Sabaru Demb – A Rhythmic Experience. Photography and recordings (2015, Galérie Éthiopiques, Saint-Louis)

Jamonoo Ngi Nii. Photography and video installation (2016, Dakar Biennale OFF)

Ca Bouge. Photography and video installation (2017, Festival Le Fleuve en couleurs, Saint-Louis)

Something is hatching at la Folie du Baron. Photography (2017, La Résidence, Saint-Louis)

Collective: Dessins & Design. Photography and light installations (2016, Galérie Éthiopiques, Saint-Louis)

Deep. Underwater portraits (2018 Kristinestad International Art Week, Finland)