Ongoing long term projects

Afropolis – This is a multidisciplinary work that I am starting in August 2019 on urban environments in the Sahel and beyond. I will produce a series of photos, podcasts and texts. You will be able to follow the development of Afropolis on a dedicated website and on the social media, or even take part in it. Exhibitions will follow in 2020.

Guet Ndaru Mool – Organic photography & portraits. This series started already in 2018. It’s a photo essay with portraits that I have produced on fish skin. They represent a community of fishermen who, as a result of climate change, coastal erosion and rising sea levels, are losing their homes and jobs in a world in which the entire traditional and small-scale fishing and fish processing are at stake. These portraits are accompanied by witnessing voices by the persons involved, telling that all this is happening now. The project includes also a series of handmade prints, a video installation and a short series of black & white photographs and has been on show in Gorée in April 2019 by Fondation Dapper and Finland in June-July 2019 in a collective show called The Ocean of Tuonela.

Deep – underwater photography and portraits. To me this project is about rediscovering some of the very basic elements of being human: touching your own limits instead of surface, going deeper and pacing your existence according to the rhythm of breathing. My photos have been on show in Finland and some portraits have just been selected for a collective show in St.Louis, Missouri (US) in October 2019. This exhibition is hosted by Barret Barrera Projects and curated by Modou Dieng / Blackpuffin.

Ci biir dexu Senegal – stories from the Senegal river a photography book with stories told by Idrissa Diallo. The Finnish edition Tarinoita Senegaljoesta was published in March 2019 and the Wolof edition will be published in 2020.

Ci biir dexu Senegal – stories from the Senegal river © Jarmo Pikkujämsä


Shorter projects

Azmari House, or What Happened After Midnight – A photographic study on the Ethiopian institution of Azmari Houses and their role in contemporary Ethiopian urban culture.

Evanesce – Underwater photography, mixed media. This series is at the same time a documentation of the transmission of organic matter in my photographic work, and a representation of what surrounds us and what we see with each look: evanescence. It is a dreamlike series of people who are in good terms with their environment, who are part of it in a natural way, in our dear ocean, under the water itself.

Script – A mixed media project, mainly video and monographs on the beauty of handwriting. (Autumn 2019)

Recent exhibitions

Afropolis expo poster 9Nov2019 Ndar Ndar

A work-in-progress preview on Afropolis, Ndar Ndar Music & Café (Saint-Louis, Nov.-Dec. 2019)

BarrettBarrera poster

Collective: Barrett Barrera Projects and ​Blackpuffin are pleased to present ​Saint Louis to St. Louis: The City on the River meets River City ​curated by Modou Dieng​, a major exhibition of contemporary art from Saint Louis, Senegal in St. Louis, Missouri (US) with a show celebrating sister cities across the great Atlantic Ocean and global artistic exchange of diaspora and hybridity (Oct. 17 – Dec. 21, 2019.)

Nappkat_Jarmo Pikkujamsa

Collective: The Ocean of Tuonela: Human and Temporal Impacts, 17-31 July at Bailiff Starcke’s House, Kristinestad, Finland.


Collective: Vivre! Photographie de la Résilience. Fondation Dapper, (29 March-29 April 2019, Gorée, Senegal)


Evanesce – Ndar Ndar Music & Café (12-30 April 2019, Saint-Louis, Senegal)

Häivähdys. Photographs (10-20 June, Pohjoinen Tullitupa, Kristiinankaupunki, Finland)

Collective: Vivre! Photographie de la Résilience. Fondation Dapper, (29 March-29 April 2019, Gorée, Senegal)

Evanesce. Photographs on organic surfaces. (12-30 April 2019, Ndar Ndar, Saint-Louis)

Self. Portraits on wood (2018, Ndar Ndar, Saint-Louis)

Deep. Underwater portraits (June 2018, Kristinestad International Art Week, Finland)

Something is hatching at la Folie du Baron. Photographs (2017, La Résidence, Saint-Louis)

Ça Bouge. Photographs and video installation (2017, Festival Le Fleuve en couleurs, Saint-Louis)

Jamonoo Ngi Nii. Photographs and video installation (2016, Dakar Biennale OFF)

Collective: Dessins & Design. Photographs and light installations (2016, Galérie Éthiopiques, Saint-Louis)

Sabaru Demb – A Rhythmic Experience. Photography and recordings (2015, Galérie Éthiopiques, Saint-Louis)