Chapters from the past

I took these photographs yesterday on a quick bike tour. They represent places that I write about in connection with my childhood. Most of these locations will eventually be a decor in my book and the photos work as reminders in the process.

The rail road bridge, or what’s left of it, used to be a passage way to the harbour and to the big world. In the past it had spectacular massive steel arcs, I don’t know what happened to them and why they have been removed. We used to wash our rag carpets every summer here by the river mouth, behind the bridge where there were floating pontons with barrels to help with the washing. While we waited for the carpets to dry, we would swim under this bridge and scream our lungs out every time a steel factory train passed on their way to the ship dock.

I was happy to find out that the dairy farm next to the railroad still looks the same after fifty years. No cows at sight any more, or people. But a long train passed while I was there, too bad I was so slow to take out my camera! We used to fetch milk from this farm and in winters we kept it in a big alu container at the entrance of our apartment. Sometimes the milk would be frozen on the top.

The house tagged “Midsummer” is on one of the closest islands that is connected to the mainland with a bridge, a fifteen-minute-ride by bike from where we used to live. I spent most of my summer days here by the sea and this house is strongly connected to my memories of Midsummer events with music and dance. I have already pubished a short vignette about this in French earlier on.

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