Of people and of places

Here’s a couple of photos to share with you, dear readers. I’ve decided to keep posting some of my work here in short blog entries rather than on social media platforms that require being glued to my phone. Many of the photos I have recently taken are in one way or another connected to the novel I am working on.

This summer I am committed to write a novel and spend a lot of time researching and writing, but my cameras are not gathering dust either. I have come to realize that photography and storytelling are a really good match, and oldfashioned as I am, I keep some photos with me in the form of postcard size prints, always readily at hand. As I live and write in multiple places, they travel with me, stacked between my notebook pages where they are easily accessible wherever and whenever. I will share some of those photos with you a little later.

Selfies was taken in a pedestrian bridge in Turku. I was initially drawn to the place because of the curvy and airy structure of the bridge.

Medina is a spontaneous shot in a neighbourhood in Dakar where sofas are (re)born at an inimiaginable pace. In Senegal the street is typically “where it all happens.”

Square Brueghel L’Ancien from the series called Time Machine, documenting places to which I have a personal connection. It’s a work-in-progress with autobiographical notes and consists, as it has suddenly dawned to me, of places in which people are often in a transit state, on their way somewhere.

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