Abstraction In Not Unique Area

Call it a minor crisis – a positive one – or just a general thirst for rejuvenation, but lately I’ve been having a growing need to step into something completely new in my art practise. I do not want to abandon my long term projects but I need space for more experimentation. Perhaps the pandemic and some other current circumstances have created a situation in which I feel somehow jammed, doing the same thing over and over again.

Under cover and exposed (2021) – Jarmo Pikkujamsa

I have borrowed the title of this blog entry from somewhere in the social media, I forgot the source, please accept my apologies. But when I saw it, I felt an immediate connection to it, like entering a new house where you are certain you have never been and yet it all seems strangely familiar, room after room. Who knows, perhaps you have been there after all, in another life, or when you were a child, or in a dream… I have always given value to the ordinary, everyday random “meaninglessness” but I never thought I could return to it with a new eye. Perhaps I did think of it briefly in the end of last summer when I already found myself photographing abstract details and patterns that just kept popping in front of my eyes. To push things further, I am hoping to catch abstaction that is made of something larger than objects, such as man made or natural structures and spaces that themselves form the abstraction and encapsulate you within. I am warming up now!

I am currently writing a novel that is much about geography and streets and neighborhoods and lately I have also incorporated parts of the story to my street photography by documenting those areas in which the story takes place. It’s a lot of fun and I use one or the other – the story or the image – as a source of inspiration to develop both of them further. At the same time the storyline in the book is now in a state of a “travelogue” leading the reader through the lives of the protagonists and I am hoping to find another, more abstract geography, a fictional one that would come accross as a new dimension that belongs to the book and grows into you as the story unfolds. Maybe this is where I am heading next?

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