Ngor Village

This is not only about sheep living right next to me and whom I could literally feed from my living room, but also about how crammed Ngor has become in the past 10 years. The fishermen’s village was always densely built with sandy narrow alley ways. And it still has its charm: have a walk here and you are truly in another world as there are no cars, only humans and animals. As families are not getting any smaller, this village has been and is growing upwards. Yes, you could call this a village but according to the Senegalese standards it’s rather urban: just five minutes’ walk away from Route de Ngor, a very busy artery road that connects Ngor to the Corniche in the south and west and Yoff in the east. The sheep in the photograph were on the 2nd floor of the building right next to mine. These days you can consider yourself lucky if you see from your window anything else than the wall of the neighboring house, or another window. As far as this particular building is concerned, some ten years back I could still see the ocean from the rooftop . 

“Ngor garage” in the eastern part of the village still has a little bit more space, but for how long?

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