Design Me A Chair

In the recent times, co-working spaces have become more and more popular, and especially now with the Covid-19 pandemic, as many hotels have seen best to transform their venues to facilitate work from distance. Covid or not, a comfortable and well-located space for work with a wifi connection has been lacking on the island of Saint-Louis for a long time, but the wind of change has arrived.

We decided to have Galerie Éthiopiques organize one or two exhibitions in Ndar Ndar Music & Café and help them cater for those visitors who would like to sit down for a coffee, or better, who would like to stretch their coffee break visit with bright, relaxing and peaceful co-working environmement. For the purpose, we redesigned the entire café and one local wood workshop made us wide and solid chairs that aspire the local craftmanship. The chairs and the bar have been designed by Staffan Martikainen.

Galerie Éthiopique organizes exhibitions, end-of-residency events and film screenings at Rue Blaise Diagne X Ibnou Diop Wara Talibe in Saint-Louis of Senegal. More information: Tel. +221 77 143 88 90 or info[at]

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