There Is A Piece Of Wall In My Coffee

Although I am not a fervent user of smart phones, the good thing about them is that they can remind you of things from the past. The other day this photo jumped on my phone screen from a cloud storage to remind me that quite some time ago I was running a coffee house that looked like this. What you see is a medieval wall, refurbished school chairs, tables covered with old Ethiopian newspapers and a Congolese fabric on the wall. What you don’t see in the picture is that the medieval wall sometimes dropped pieces of old bricks straight into your drinks. ”Waiter! There is a piece of wall in my coffee!” would give you a new free drink of course.

These days I roast coffee once or twice a week on the rooftop. The advantage of doing this is that while your one-man-motored roaster is in full swing, you can watch the surrounding nature in action: kites, young small birds learning to be independent and still making a hell of a noise when their mothers would be around, baby geckos that had imagined they would like to live in the roaster when it was not in operation and would now run for their lives, or bats landing on the big tree that grows next to our house. The entire coffee roasting process is a very rewarding one, because in the end you have a batch of hand-roasted coffee that you produced without computerized programs, trusting solely on your experience and senses. Even with some minor work accidents like burns or pieces of coffee bean skin flying into your eye it’s still fun!

I don’t know if it is the beginning of a new year or what but this photo really got me day dreaming… I also just read that these days you can subscribe to ambient sound of being in a coffee shop. Maybe there really is a need for such a thing, particularly in these strange times when you spend most of your time between your desk – or sofa or whatever – and your coffee machine. Should I give it a try?

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