Shibori_Djenne (1 of 1) copy
My first experiment with a shibori technique called mokume, or “wood grain.”

I am about to take some old shirts to a tailor next door for repair and I’m wondering if I should order some masks as well? Maybe dye some cotton with indigo so that I could inhale its lovely scent when wearing it? I have an old piece of cloth that I dyed long time ago with a particular shibori technique, perhaps now is a good time to get busy and make new ones! People here seem to be wearing masks more and more although it’s not so popular yet, except maybe among the taxi drivers. I’ve noticed that for many it’s like an accessory placed on the forehead or it’s hanging around the neck rather than covering the face. In some local news clips you see people lower the mask whenever they speak and then put it back on.

I would like to wear a mask when I go out to buy food because some beggars by the doorsteps of the shops tend to get very close. Same thing happens with the guys who usually ask for money to buy alcohol. They are all sober now. Times are tough.

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