Yawn At Dawn

It’s so quiet in the morning that I can hear one of the neighbors just across the street make long sighing sounds every time he yawns in his room. I can also listen to the music he’s playing on his radio.

Voisin 10APR2020
My neighbors’ house across the street

The government is now helping the most vulnerable households with food aid and free electricity and water. Someone commented on a social media that they should also provide free Internet connection to all households in this time of crisis. Why not, although even today the connection is trembling and works only sporadically.

Yesterday’s long break from the Internet connection prevented me from having my Amharic class but I had some material to work on to begin with. There are fairly frequent water cuts and occasional power cuts that you can fight with water reserve and solar lamps, but what do you do when the Internet connection is down? I am a little slow reader of the Amharic script and I just love it when the meaning of a word suddenly opens up after my staring at the word and the letters long and hard. Those unexpected moments of joy when you realize that with some effort there is life beyond Google Translator and online dictionaries.

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