Colour copper engraving of Doctor Schnabel, a plague doctor in seventeenth-century Rome, published by Paul Fürst, ca. 1656. The beak would have been filled with all sorts of aromatic plants and the wand helped ward off the infected. Source: The Public Domain Review

Senegal’s borders are closed and the President has declared a state of emergency with travel restrictions between cities and a partial curfew for evenings and nights. Big gatherings are no longer allowed and that has created a rather rare situation in Senegal and in my neighborhood: as children are not in school, there is still the reguar and very noisy afternoon football match on our street, but apart from that life has suddenly gone very quiet!

I am in a self imposed confinement since three weeks now and strangely just now, when we are socially deprived in so many ways, also Facebook has abandoned me. I am locked out of my account because of the malfunction of their two-phase authenticity system upon logging in, so I thought perhaps I would share some of my thoughts in this blog instead. I am not going to count days and bore everyone with statistics about how many have fallen ill and how many died – we are already very much informed of this every morning in the media. Rather, I will write short observations about how life unwraps in Saint-Louis in these strange times.

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