Eiko & Reiko roast

Reiko paahtaa_WP_20180614_002
Reiko roasts and Eiko assists

Barbecue is here! It is that time of the year when everybody cooks their meals in a grill, whether in a garden, on a summer house terrace or even balconies in the city. We used to build grills out of old bricks and used charcoal but it appears that these giant gas grills have become immensely popular in Finland too, they really take the kitchen outdoors. Thank you Master Chefs.

Reiko had brought a small bag of Kenyan coffee beans from Japan and she roasted them on her last morning before her return back home. This was slow coffee in Città Slow! I remember having read a book about old trade beads that traveled back and fort between Africa and Europe (it’s fascinating!) and thought that now it’s coffee beans that have taken the place of trade beads in the modern world!

As it happens, my bags are packed for return to Senegal (yes, holidays do come to an end) and my luggage contains green beans from Ethiopia that I bought while I was in Brussels. Now I take them to Senegal and roast them and they will end up on a shelf where an odd tourist from say Canada will buy a bag and take back home as a souvenir. There are no borders for coffee!

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