My new darkroom is nearly ready, I have just waited for the weather to cool down a little before I start to use it. August, September, October and November have been far too hot for me to spend time in this small space that used to be – oh, sorry it actually still is – a squat toilet with a shower. In theory I could have a shower and a pee in this space while developing photos! I suppose I shall have to install a fan for the hottest months next year,  and I still need to rinse any large format photographs downstairs but that’s fine. But so many practical solutions found life in this space and I am happy. For instance, I store dried photosensitive papers either in flat cardboard boxes or in between two layers of my working table that used to be a coffee bar counter. Cut to measure!

Some time earlier I started a blog with a title Late Afternoon in Saint-Louis. As I now have a new website that also has a blog feature, I will from now on update both of these blogs so please feel free to follow one or the other, and come back soon for stories on my adventures with alternative photography and what not!

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